Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project 

“The Changing Face of Maine,” is a portrait project that was created for the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project. ILAP offers pro bono legal assistance to Maine's immigrant community, helping them keep their families together, gain protection from persecution and domestic violence, attain residency and work authorization, and become proud U.S. citizens. The portraits are of New Mainers - individuals and families originally from Burundi, Honduras, Peru, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, Congo, and Iraq who have made a new home in Maine. 

Leandre, Burundi.jpg

Leandre, a human rights attorney, originally from Burundi, now working with the homeless in Maine.

José & Family, Honduras.jpg

José, originally from Honduras, with his wife, Michelle, and their son, Michael.

Nélida, Peru.jpg

Nélida, a health care professional, originally from Peru.

Yassin & Family, Syria.jpg

Yassin, a mathematician originally from Syria, with his wife, Fadia, and their children, Moaz, Raneem, Mustafa, and Jena.

Adele & Son, Congo.jpg

Adele, a fashion designer originally from Congo, with her son, David, founder of Kesho Wazo.

Kifah, Iraq.jpg

Kifah, an artist and poet, originally from Iraq.


Fowsia, originally from Somalia, with her daughter, Hawa. Fowsia is the Executive Director of Maine Community Integration.


Suleman, originally from Somalia, with his children Hani, Zakariya, and Deqo. Suleman works for LL Bean. 


Jocelyne, originally from Burundi, with her children Joslin, Mirabella, and Joshua. Jocelyne works for the US Postal Service.